Walk in Tub, Accessible Shower or Tub Cutaway?


A Walk-in tub?

If you or a loved one are experiencing fatigue or shortness of breath while attempting to get up from a standard bathing position then you are at risk of injury. Walk-in tubs are for those who enjoy taking a bath for both personal hygiene and therapy and do not want to give this up when it becomes increasing more difficult to use a standard bathtub due to age, lack of mobility or illness. Those considering a walk in tub should sit in one if at all possible. Walk in tubs aren’t for everyone and its important to get the right size for your body.  Our company stocks a large supply of different size tubs with various jetting options and they can be viewed by making an appointment and we encourage you to do this….read more.


Today buying a walk tub should be far less than it used to be for very good products, so there’s no reason to overpay for one. However many older seniors without access to the internet will find it hard to find the best prices and perhaps need help from family and friends to do this for them. Buying from TV direct sales marketing franchises is by far the most costly way to purchase a new walk in tub. For many years this was the only way to buy this product, so many people still believe these products are very expensive and perhaps out of reach.  Since 2011 our all inclusive installed pricing including the tub has been kept within a four figure balance for our senior customers regardless of jetting options.  It only takes us two days to do the installation, click here to see some before and after photos.

Better Business Bureau verified customer reviews….click here.


The fill time on a walk-in tub is totally dependent on water pressure. A fireman with his hose could fill a walk-in tub in seconds, however a homes water pressure can vary from, 40 psi to 70 psi, depending on what the water main regulator is set at. Want to know how long it will take to fill? Fill you’re standard tub to the overflow and time how long it takes to do this, it will be about the same for a walk in tub, or run the water from the tub spout as much as you can while maintaining a bath water temperature, slide a five gallon pale under it and time how long it takes to fill, then do the math. The average size walk in tub holds about 45 – 65 US gallons, but remember sitting in the tub you’ll take up room, so subtract a gallon for about every ten pounds of body weight below the water line.


Draining takes the same amount of time as a standard bathroom tub. So this is real easy to figure out. Fill a regular tub up to the overflow and time how long it takes to drain. A walk-in tub’s drain simply connects to the existing one.  A full tub with a properly functioning  drain should drain in about 3 minutes or less.  We do not recommend quick drain pumps ...read more.

For those who don’t mind waiting while a tub fills and drains, perhaps using this time to wash their hair or rinse themselves off, then walk in tubs are recommended for bathers. They have helped thousands of people retain their bathing independence and also return this pleasure back to so many more.

Or Accessible Shower?

Replacing an existing standard bathtub with a fully accessible safety shower is recommended for those who prefer showering over bathing. It is also recommend for those who require caregiver assistance to help with daily hygiene.  It is much easier for a care giver to lend assistance with an accessible shower. Glass shower doors are attractive but can greatly restrict accessibility to lend assistance. It is recommended fully accessible showers be fitted with shower curtains not glass, especially when caregivers are needed.  Accessible shower bases have a large flat stable platform so users have more room and feel far more secure while sitting in shower chairs, opposed to having the chair legs teetering on a bathtubs narrow radius bottom corners.

Built-in wall niches for soap and bottles allows more room and less clutter. Our custom built accessible tiled showers will add beauty and style to you’re bathroom.

Some of our customers prefer a glass shower door. 












Plastic or Tile?   

We build custom tiled showers for our clients …. read more.

Most shower retrofits use 4 piece plastic shower kits because they are faster to install and require less skill. The final installation costs should be less money than better built custom tiled showers, but often there not. *Its very important for retrofit plastic shower bases to be leveled in at least a 1/2 – 5/8′ inch of mortar so they drain correctly and keep the base from flexing under heavy loads otherwise over time you run the risk of leakage at the drain connection. 

Are zero clearance wheelchair accessible retrofits possible? Yes, but they require specialized installations and not always practical. Call for details.

Zero Clearance Wheelchair Accessible Shower retrofit

Are zero clearance wheelchair accessible retrofits possible? Yes, but they require specialized installations and not always practical. Call for details.











Hospital white plastic showers simply can’t compare to the beauty and longevity of a well built tiled shower with the latest in building materials and plumbing fixtures available today, there’s just no comparison between them.





Plastic sheets over old tile:

Workers Compensation and government rules regarding the disposal of older drywall has added additional expense to home owners and contractors for simple bathroom renovations. This has resulted in an increasing number of bathroom renovation companies cutting corners and fastening thin sheets of plastic over old tile and wall board to avoid the expense of removing it. The concealed old plumbing fixtures are left in place and easily repaired problems are never fixed. The sales pitch is your saving money and its sparing you from a lengthy, messy bathroom renovation, but it still costs about $8,000.00 for just hundreds of dollars in material and a days labor!




This is what was found in a couples home when removing a steel tub, one of the clients has a respiratory condition. They were recently quoted on the work referred to above but luckily avoided having thin acrylic plastic sheets glued right over the existing tile hiding this mold and aging plumbing. The cause of this was having plain drywall installed directly over a concrete support wall during new construction instead of using a water proof concrete backer board as a moisture block.


When renovating bathrooms and replacing a tub with an accessible shower the demolition in most cases involves the removal of a tiled tub surround down to the framing.  Even after decades of use the tile is in good condition and except for perhaps the color or style being dated it looks like new! We can’t say the same for the plastic showers we’ve ripped out, there faded and tired looking.  Ever watch those home improvement shows on TV? Ever see them install plastic showers or glue plastic sheets over old tile?


Contact us for more information on our custom built, safe, accessible tiled showers.








A Tub Cutaway?

A tub cutaway is just that. A section of a tub that has a portion of the front removed to lower the threshold. Companies selling these products exclusively focus on just one thing, the money you won’t have to spend on a bathroom renovation.  Ironic, since this is exactly what will need to be done when the property goes up for sale, or an allowance made for the work, unless of course the residence is a tear down. Tub cutaways simply don’t show well and will negatively effect price and potentially frustrate a sale. There not a good accessible shower or no longer a functioning tub and destined for the landfill.

Unlike certified walk-in tubs and shower bases, there’s not a tub cutaway product sold that has certifications, nor can you buy them at plumbing supply stores or large home improvement stores for this reason. Why? Some cutaway products have doors you can put in place in order to fill the tub with water and still use it as a tub, but if these doors failed property damage could be in the thousands of dollars. These removable doors do not have any certifications. It would be wise to speak with you’re insurance broker before paying someone to cut up your tub!



My Walk-In Tub Purchase: By Howard Stearns

There comes a time when many senior citizens realize just how dangerous it is getting in and out of a standard bathtub, and we often hear about their accidents. That situation arose for me lately and I started to investigate the whole walk in tub business. It seems that every time you turn the television or radio on you see ads for them. I began a research program and found some vast differences in quality and price. Read more..

About Limited Lifetime Warranties on Walk-in tubs

About Limited Lifetime Warranties on Walk-in tubs
The standard manufacture warranty on a walk-in tub is one or two years. However, certain items like pumps, door seals or the tub structure may be extended past this period. Over the past number of years to justify higher pricing and remain competitive some companies are pushing Limited Lifetime Warranties ….(What is a Limited Lifetime Warranty? …click to read more)Read more..

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