B.C. Senior Safety Services Ltd. provides seniors and people with limited mobility, knowledge, affordable choices, and excellent value in the purchase and installation of high quality safe mobility products. Our prices are given freely over the phone and we offer free in home estimates on installations.


Walk-in Tubs

-Low Easy Entry
-High Gloss Acyrlic
-Hydrotherapy Jets
-Air Therapy Jets
-In Line Heaters
-Affordable Prices

Barrier Free Showers

Accessible showers are easier to get in and out of than conventional showers or bathtubs. People with mobility challenges can walk in directly or transfer into or alternatively a wheelchair user can roll into a handicapped accessible shower stall if built barrier free. They have an open entry so not to hinder a caregiver’s access to lend assistance in case of an emergency.

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Stair Lifts

B.C. SENIOR SAFETY SERVICES LTD is an authorized dealer for Savaria Stair Lifts Savaria designs, engineers and manufactures
products to help people gain personal mobility. Whether for residential or commercial use, indoors or outdoors, the Sava
ria B.07  stair lift provides a smooth and safe ride over a straight run of stairs.

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Jetted High Gloss Acrylic Walk-in Tubs

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Stair Lifts

  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • On-board controls
  • Foldable footrest
  • Seatbelt
  • Obstacle Sensors
  • Continuous charge system
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Therapeutic Benefits

  • Relief from Arthritis
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Circulatory Disease
  • Stress
  • Rheumatism
  • Sciatia
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Walk-in Tubs

  • Low Easy Entry
  • High Gloss Acyrlic
  • Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Air Therapy Jets
  • In Line Heaters
  • Affordable Prices
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Tiled Accessible Showers

  • Shower Grab Bars
  • Heavy Duty Shower Curtain
  • Different Shower Sizes
  • Shower Glide Bar
  • Stainless Steal ADA Padded Seat
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  • By combining both the Air – Jet Massage and Hydrotherapy Massage you get the ultimate bathing experience. The relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of both are unsurpassed. The in line water heater allows bathing for as long as you like while relieving your aches, pains, and tired limbs.
    -Craig M

  • The hydro massage water jet therapy with in line heater massages your body in key areas like the lower back, feet and legs. With pneumatic controls at your finger tips you simply adjust the right amount of massage to suit your needs. No need to cut your bath short due to cooling water, the in line water heater maintains constant temperature allowing you to simply lie back and enjoy your bath for as long as you desire, relaxing aching joints and muscles

  • The air massage system features 16 individual air jets placed around the tub.These jets send relaxing air bubbles into the water, soothing your aching muscles and rejuvenating your entire body. Your hands, feet and limbs will feel fantastic after a bath with the Air Massage Therapy. The comforts and therapeutic treatments of a first class spa are brought to your own home
    -S Grunze

Walk-In Tub Manufacturing & Direct Sale Pricing

Walk-in tub manufacturing does not exist in Canada, and you won’t see the logo’s Product of Canada or Made In Canada on any walk-in tub website. The last substantial transformation of goods must have occurred in Canada or at least 51% of the total direct costs of producing or manufacturing the goods must have taken place in Canada. Made in Canada Claims – Competition Bureau of Canada.

Up until about 2010 the walk in tub market was largely dominated by high priced direct sales companies selling products mostly manufactured and imported from manufacturers in the UK, and a lesser degree tubs claimed to be manufactured in the USA, when many actually are not.

– Premier Care Canada Inc. Surrey, BC, the head office Daytona Florida USA. They were by far the largest and advertised extensively on CBC TV nationwide and claimed their tubs were made in USA. –  It was a direct sales franchise through the manufacturer Gainsborough, United Kingdom (link), who continue to make these tubs. Premier Care Canada Inc. was in business from January 1991 until their abrupt closing on April 1, 2016. At the time of their closing the quoted installed pricing was approximately $18,500.00 up to $30,000.00 for specialty baths. The closing so was abrupt, the staff were not given any notice and a lock was put on the door. Even the TV commercials continued to run on CBC TV until the end of April. The US assets were sold to Blackstreet Capital Holdings….read more. , the company was restructured and was sold back to management November 2016 under different US ownership! Read more under (HAFI) 

– Seabridge Bathing Ltd. Victoria BC, another walk -in tub franchise who told customers  the tubs were made in Canada & USA, but they were actually manufactured, and still are by WIBCO UK(link). They were in business from December 1999 and closed October 2013, installed price range approximately $12,500.00 – $14,000.00.

This market has changed a lot in the past number of years and for those seniors who do their homework the savings can be in thousands of dollars for some great products, thanks in large part to more having access to the internet, plus our government’s investments encouraging trade – The Pacific Gateway….read more.  Sanitary products (toilets, sinks, faucets etc.) including walk-in tubs and tens of thousands of containers full of products from electronics to industrial equipment are imported into the Port of Vancouver daily.

Here are just some of the walk in tub brand names seen on line known to be manufactured offshore perhaps even in the same factories –  Safety Bath – Ella’s Bubbles –  American Standard – American Tubs –  Therapy Tubs – Universal Tubs(Home Depot Brand) –  Homeward Bath – Aquam Spas –  Safe spa products – Walk in tubs Canada products. Canada’s economy has always been dependent on trade so protectionism isn’t as prevalent as it is south of the border, but some companies will try and profit from those who may lean this way printing designed, assembled or engineered in Canada and in some rare instances will actually make claims these tubs are made in Canada.

Products imported from the USA: – The Federal Trade Commission in United States has very strict rules and penalties on advertising and marketing with regard to false Made In USA claims….read more.  Protectionism sentiments are much more common in USA even though they are by far the largest consumers of imported offshore manufactured goods in the world.

When Made in USA can’t be used many distributors tip toe around this using words like America included in their brand names or advertising, like assembled or packaged in America. Home Depot uses – Crafted Domestically in the United States, when they describe their Universal Brand walk-in tubs, (manufactured offshore), but on their Canadian web site country of origin is said to be the United States. The US Federal Trade Commission does not apply in Canada. One of the most well-known of course is American Standard, their walk in tubs and sanitary products like toilets, etc. have been imported for many years, the same with Kohler, Moen, Delta, Toto, and list goes on. Brand names are used for marketing purposes but also used for controlling information about the actual manufacturer because multiple brands can be manufactured in the same large offshore factories. Many fine products are made offshore by large international manufacturers and we all own them from machinery to electronics.

Walk-in tubs sold in BC known to be manufactured in the USA

– Safe Step …read more a direct sales franchise through the manufacture Oliver Fiberglass Products USA, approximate installed price range $12,000.00US to $15,000.00US according to the US CPSC….read more. The same/similar product is distributed through a dealer network by the same manufacturer under the brand name Secure Spa by Bathaid. Cleaning surface is gel-coat….read more.

Best Bath  Caldwell ID, USA, pricing is in US funds and cleaning surface is gel-coat…..read more.


Tile vs Plastic & Costs for Accessible Shower Applications


Tile is a friendlier choice for the environment and has been used for thousands of years for good reason!

Thousands of people young and old visit public rec centres on a daily basis.  Tile is used throughout these buildings including the public showers.  Why?  We all know tile can be manufactured to be as slippery as ice when it’s wet, but it can also be made specifically for safety, totally non-skid and very durable for use in showers and wet conditions.


Covering up existing tile with thin glued on gel coat or acrylic sheets offered by one day bathroom renovation wonder companies is not a good plan. It will only cheapen and devalue your bathroom and may cover up an otherwise very simple repair.  It will also make future removal of the existing tile very difficult and time consuming.  Cutting out tile and existing wall board is very fast when cutting along the grout lines with a Sawzall removing the tile and gypsum in large pieces.  But when the tile is covered up with plastic these grout lines can’t be seen.  Since the saw blade can’t cut through tile, the plastic sheet has to be pulled off first. The strong adhesive used to attach the paneling makes it extremely difficult and time consuming to do this.

Doing a proper job by removing the existing tile and gypsum and replacing it with a new surface of choice is not complicated nor will it take much longer or cost more to complete. The walls when stripped down to the framing gives the installers the opportunity for inspection, add additional framing for safety grips and folding shower seats. You’ll have the option to install new modern thermostatic, anti-scald pressure balanced faucets and inspect the plumbing. New mold proof shower backer board products are available to replace outdated products….read more.  Whether you decide on tile or go with a plastic shower surround don’t allow a company to cut corners.

When we renovate bathrooms and remove  an existing tub and replace it with a walk-in tub or shower the vast majority of the demolitions involve the removal of tiled tub surrounds.  Even after decades of use the tile is in good condition and in many cases except for the style being dated it looks like new.

We can’t say the same for many of the plastic showers we’ve removed, even though they haven’t been in use for near as long.  The majority of accessible plastic showers sold are constructed of gel coat fiberglass. After several years of regular use the gel coat can dull, begin to show signs of wear and because of the porous nature of gel coat, stains will start to show that are very difficult, or can’t be removed.  Unless you’ve been a fiberglass boat owner most people are unaware and are not properly informed by retailers on the maintenance schedule or specialty waxes and cleaning products required to maintain a gel coat finish found on accessible showers or safety tubs…read more.

Below is a three year old gel coat fiberglass walk in tub with green stains forming even after repeated attempts to remove them with recommended non abrasive bathroom cleaning products


The advantages and beauty of tile for accessible shower applications:


A really attractive professionally installed built in tiled shower offers far more value, it’s stronger, has safer footing and it will last many times longer, all the while retaining its beauty. It’s so much easier to clean than plastic because it’s not sensitive to cleaning products or prone to chemical reactions.. It is for these reasons, and more, why tiled showers are always used for commercial high use applications, never plastic!

There is more plastic showers sold by companies installing accessible showers because quite simply there far more profitable.  A plastic shower takes far less time and skill level to install and requires less material costs and site preparation.  This is their main selling feature, but you won’t likely see it reflected in the installed price with them costing thousands of dollars more than there really worth. Depending on the company price can range from $7,000.00 by one day glue on wonder companies up to over $12,000.00 or more for a complete tear out and an additional day’s labor.

The time and cost to construct a well-built, beautiful custom tiled shower will vary. Often people will use this time to change the flooring, replace the vanity, mirrors, lighting, and install a new comfort toilet completing the transformation. This work can take up to five days to complete, and the investment will be somewhere between the above two figures.  Built-in tiled accessible showers are unquestionably a better value, however there not sold through large corporations or distributors and commission sales people, there built by local skilled trade persons who enjoy the work and take pride in creating them.  Read more on our tiled showers.

Will the installation of a walk-in tub effect the re-sale of you’re home?


This question is asked occasionally but rarely is it asked by someone who really needs a walk-in tub!  Why?

Most of us wouldn’t wake up one morning, see an advertisement for a walk-in tub and go out and buy one, but it might get you thinking about it!  Have you ever taken a slight slip in the tub or tripped on a stair and kept yourself from falling and possibly being injured? Young or old we’ve all experienced this, but the older we get the risk of injury greatly increases because of slowing reflexes and weakening stabilization muscles.

Maybe a slight mishap happens during one’s daily bathing routine or the news of friend falling and being injured starts one to thinking about a safer bathing alternative as well as other changes that may be needed. Hopefully these early warning signs won’t be ignored and measures will be taken towards preventing avoidable unnecessary accidents that could permanently change a person’s lifestyle.

Walk-in tubs help people stay safe and offer them a higher level of independence and comfort. The question on whether a walk-in tub will affect the re-sale of a person’s home is largely a matter of opinion. It could be argued that because there is a growing aging population a walk-in tub could be seen to be a selling advantage but it very unlikely it would affect the value one’s property.  In Vancouver and the surrounding areas home prices are very high and continue to climb as they are in many places throughout the province and country.  If you were to look at your last tax assessment you’ll see the assessed value of the land in relation to the assessed value of the buildings are probably separated by a very wide margin. It’s doubtful a walk-in tub would make any measurable difference.

It’s your home, the one you want to remain safe in for as long as possible, and ultimately it’s your decision!