Walk-In Tubs   Walk-in tubs can offer great relief to people who feel that they themselves or a loved one is risking personal injury when attempting to bath in a conventional bath tub.  This could be from any number of health related issues. The Walk-in Tub has enabled people who would otherwise never be able enjoy the health benefits of bathing again, the ability to due so safely, independently and with dignity.Click here to see Our walk-in tubs 
Stair Lifts      B.C. SENIOR SAFETY SERVICES LTD is an authorized dealer for Savaria Stair Lifts. Savaria designs, engineers and manufactures products to help people gain personal mobility. Whether for residential or commercial use, indoors or outdoors, the Sava ria B.07 stairlift provides a smooth and safe ride over a straight run of stairs.Click here to see our stair lifts
Barrier Free Showers
  Barrier free showers have no curb and are easier to get in and out of than conventional showers or bathtubs.  People with mobility challenges can walk in directly or transfer into a barrier free shower or alternatively a wheelchair user can roll into a handicapped accessible shower stall.Click here to see our barrier free showers