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Height and weight usually determines what size tub you will need but seeing them up close is even better. We stock a good supply of tubs at 555 Derwent Way in Delta. If it’s possible customers are welcome to come to our easy access warehouse. Its by appointment but then you can see the tubs up close and sit in them for size and fit. To make an appointment call give us a call.

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Don’t pay heavily marked up prices on walk in tubs and installations. Our shipping containers land at GCT DeltaPort, British Columbia.

No distributers, no dealers, no sales commissions. A shorter supply chain means lower prices.

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High quality tubs installed in homes since 2011 Positive reviews and No complaints with the BBB.

Walk in tubs In Stock

Soakers, 5pc Faucet Set, Acrylic Matching Extension Filler Kit. Soakers have no jetting.

$3,550.00 plus installation

Air Jets, 5pc Faucet Set, Acrylic Matching Extension Filler Kit. 16 air jets delivers a soothing gentle effervescence and a sensation of weightlessness.

$4,295.00 plus installation

Fully Jetted – With Hydrotherapy Water Massage Jets and SS Inline Heater for Constant Temperature, plus Air Jets. Total of 22 Jets delivering powerful directed water massage and gentle air effervescence massage. 5pc Faucet Set, Acrylic Matching Extension Filler Kit.

$5,295.00 plus installation.

Installations are similar with most being routine with some exceptions. Generally by answering a few simple questions over the phone we can give you an installed price.

Typically it takes us only two days to complete the installation. The first day we remove the existing tub. Then the bathtub cavity is prepared to except the new walk-in. The insured plumbing work is completed. Followed with the certified electrical connections. The morning of the second day the new tub is installed. Then the fit and finish. Work is confined to the tub cavity so toilet facilities are not disturbed.

Bathroom renovations are our specialty. So whether clients choose a tub, or a custom accessible tiled shower. If they would like to extend this work to include the entire bathroom, their in good hands.

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Strong Quality Tubs Installed In Our Clients Homes Since 2011
Inward Opening Door Allows Easy Access With Walker
Note: There’s a number of walk in tub brands showing up on the market that make it near impossible to do a proper inspection of the braided water supply lines connecting the faucets. Once the tub is built into a tub cavity if a leak develops it could go undetected. Also the flexible hose used for the spray wand shown by the blue arrow above will wear over time from being pulled out. These hoses are a common item and can easily be replaced if accessible. Not being able to get at them easily means pulling the tub to gain access undoing the work it took to do the installation and finishing.

Extension Kit To Fill Space For Ease of Installation, Easy Access, And Clean Lines