Walk in Tub Or Accessible Shower?

A Walk-in tub?

Walk-in tubs are made for people who feel its important for them to have full body soaks in warm bath water for both personal hygiene and therapy and do not want to give this up when it becomes difficult and unsafe to use a standard bathtub. Experiencing fatigue or shortness of breath by overexertion trying to get up from a standard bathing position is when most accidents are likely to happen. Those considering a walk in tub shouldn’t make their decision based only on TV commercials, salesperson’s photographs, a third party’s opinion or reading on line articles for and against. You should see and sit in one for yourself if at all possible and speak with an experienced installer. Our company stocks a large supply of different size tubs with various jetting options and they can viewed by making an appointment.

Walk in tubs are not for everyone, if you’ve always preferred showering over bathing our custom built accessible showers may be a better choice.


The fill time on a walk-in tub is totally dependent on water pressure. A fireman with his hose could fill a walk-in tub in seconds, however a homes water pressure can vary from, 40 psi to 70 psi, depending on what the water main regulator is set at. Want to know how long it will take to fill? Fill you’re standard tub to the overflow and time how long it takes to do this, it will be about the same for a walk in tub, or run the water from the tub spout as much as you can while maintaining a bath water temperature, slide a five gallon pale under it and time how long it takes to fill, then do the math. The average size walk in tub holds about 45 – 65 US gallons, but remember sitting in the tub you’ll take up room, so subtract a gallon for about every ten pounds of body weight below the water line.


Draining takes the same amount of time as a standard bathroom tub. So this is real easy to figure out. Fill a regular tub up to the overflow and time how long it takes to drain. A walk-in tub’s drain simply connects to the existing one.  A full tub with a properly functioning  drain should drain in about 3 minutes or less.

For those who don’t mind waiting while a tub fills and drains, perhaps using this time to wash their hair or rinse themselves off, then walk in tubs are recommended for bathers. There are many thousands of people who have benefited and swear by them.

Or Accessible Shower?

Replacing an existing standard bathtub with a fully accessible safety shower is recommended for those who prefer showering over bathing. It is also recommend for those who require caregiver assistance to help with daily hygiene.  It is much easier for a care giver to lend assistance with an accessible shower, walk-in tubs are 38-42 inches in height and they can be more difficult to reach into, across and around. Glass shower doors are attractive but can greatly restrict accessibility, it is recommended accessible showers be fitted with shower curtains not glass if caregivers are needed.  Accessible shower bases have a large flat stable platform so users have more room and feel far more secure while sitting in shower chairs, opposed to having the chair legs teetering on a bathtubs narrow radius bottom corners. We’ve replaced many tub cutaways with proper showers for this reason.

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