My Walk-In Tub Purchase: By Howard Stearns

There comes a time when many senior citizens realize just how dangerous it is getting in and out of a standard bathtub, and we often hear about their accidents. That situation arose for me lately and I started to investigate the whole walk in tub business. It seems that every time you turn the television or radio on you see ads for them. I began a research program and found some vast differences in quality and price.

Some of the salespeople knew very little about the technical aspects and some of them wanted as high as $18,000 for the installation. I am very fortunate in having a mechanical and electrical background so it was easy to see that a lot of the salespeople knew very little about the product. I spent many hours on the Internet and finally found the website of BC Senior Safety Services Ltd. The first thing that impressed me was the video and description of the workmanship and the operation. The second was the service I received, Scott the owner, came to my house measured everything and quoted me a price. He then took me to where the tubs are stored and found one that fitted my needs. The installation was very professional and was accomplished in two working days. I suffer from terrible arthritis and spinal stenosis, so there is hardly a moment that I am not in some type of pain, I also have severe insomnia. After having a leisurely bath in my new tub I enjoy several pain-free hours and sleep much better. The question I am asking myself now is why I waited so long to have one installed. I strongly recommend this company.
I am Howard Stearns, Fort Langley British Columbia.

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